few uninteresting things about myself

I was introduced to analog photography as a kid by my father and with ups and downs, I've fiddled with cameras since the young age.

In 1993 I moved from Genova - where I was born in 1974 - to Milano to attend university; soon after my arrival in town I was involved in my first film production job, and at the end of my second year I quit economics to pursue a career in the film production industry.


For almost 20 years I worked as a producer for TV shows and ADV and a director for broadcast and web documentaries and series; throughout this whole time, I regarded to photography as a sort of visual sketchbook.


It was around 10 years ago that I stepped into professional photography as a sport and landscape photographer on golf courses - which still is a significant part of my work - and on those very locations I started exploring the reign of

invisible light. 


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