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OMAN (2017)

infrared photography @ 720nm

Back in Jan 2017, I travelled to Oman and I've had the opportunity to experiment IR with very different light conditions than I was normally used to.


The air was so dry that the sky had an almost perfect black pitch, slightly faded approaching the horizon.


Clouds were obviously optional: you may spot a vaguely dense haze in the corner of the pano of the dunes, but that's it.

On the other hand, landscapes are absolutely stunning and the white stone of castles and mosques really stands out against the black sky.


No need to talk about how gorgeously the details of Arabic decorations are rendered by IR bnw.


The color pictures have been shot with no filter mounted on the lens, thus in the VISIBLE+IR spectrum; when working

in full spectrum, sharp focusing becomes almost impossible.

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raffaele canepa, fotografo, fine art, infrared, infrarosso, milano, beyond720, IR

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