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INFRARED Photography



I like the idea of taking a picture of something that is not exactly what I see with my eyes; I like the fact that once you've taken the shot you only are at the beginning of a process and that each time it will be slightly different;
I enjoy the experimental part of the work involved in each and every step of the workflow. 


I am fascinated by the idea that what I show in my pictures is technically invisible to the naked eye.

With DIY modified digital cameras I explore beyond the limits of human vision, in that part of the light spectrum where color becomes a meaningless notion, and luminosity is way different from what we normally perceive.


Different shooting and postprocessing techniques bring

to life very different results: there is no straightforward path

to follow, and most of the time there is a big part

of experimental work.

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Raffaele Canepa - Infrared Photography - Fotografia infrarosso - Beyond 720nm - - IR photography

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